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Sarah’s Story

Sarah's Story

Sarah, 32, is from the outskirts of Abuja, Nigeria. She delivered her second child four days before sharing her experiences.

I delivered my first baby at home, because we couldn’t afford transport to the hospital. But the baby’s cord was cut with a dirty razor blade. It caused an infection. There was no money to buy any drugs, and after a week, the baby died.

This time, I went to the clinic while I was pregnant—five times—and we decided to have our baby in the hospital. During labour, nobody left me, they were with me in the room. No one shouted at me. They took care of me very well. I liked it.

After I delivered, they cleaned my baby up and gave her the BCG injection [tuberculosis vaccine].

I will attend two more clinics now, if there are no complications. But so far my child is healthy and happy.

To deliver at the hospital is very good. If I see a person trying to deliver at home, I will advise them not to. Just go to the hospital.