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Manju’s Story

Manju's Story

Manju is a nursing superintendent at a public hospital in West Bengal, India.

I became a nurse because I understand the deep bonding between mother and child. I want every mother blessed with a healthy baby. The most enjoyable part of my work is helping all mothers achieve the same happiness I had with my children.

I have seen changes. Early marriage used to be more prevalent and consequently maternal and infant mortality rates were much higher. With the help of awareness programmes, more people now understand the disadvantages of early marriage.

Home delivery has also decreased in favour of delivery in institutions where we can provide safe childbirth care and services to mothers.

The biggest challenge in our work is giving the best quality antenatal care so that we can diagnose complications in the primary stages and take preventive measures. If we can do this, we will be able to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates considerably. Often women in rural areas do not get regular check-ups and aren’t prepared for birth and potential complications.

Another challenge is the immense workload for staff and the lack of nurses. At least 50 mothers give birth here every day. Though our sisters always handle the work very efficiently, we could provide better quality care if we had more staff.

I am proud to be a nurse, but I am proud to be a woman first. When we can provide good quality care for the mother and send them back home with a healthy baby and their own health in a good state, the respect comes automatically. I feel satisfied.