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Christina’s Story

Christina's Story

Christina is from southern India. A nurse for six years, she has been working as a maternity nurse for the past two.

I became a nurse because I wanted to help care for people who are not able to take care of themselves. My profession helps me to do that. It makes me happy.

It is a job with some pressure. The world is changing, and we have to keep updated with new things. But it motivates me, and senior staff are always helpful and supportive. We used to do everything manually, but now there is new equipment that makes our work easier and more accurate.

Mothers can be higher in age now, and more and more are presenting with complications like diabetes. We have many babies whose mothers have high blood sugar levels. Mothers are also more aware than they used to be. They get a lot of information from the internet, and they ask us many questions. We help them to clarify that information.

In general, mothers want to know how to care for and handle their babies, how to nurse. It’s very new to them, and they are nervous even to touch their babies. We try to make sure they are comfortable with handling the baby before leaving the hospital. When they go home, they feel confident.

It makes me proud that I have taught mothers to take care of their babies. But the biggest reward of this job is respect. Parents recognise us outside the hospital, they come and talk to us. Their respect, the fact they remember us, makes me proud.